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With nine new facilities since 1985, M&J Valve Services steadily breaks new ground. Facility improvements aren’t the only groundbreaking M&J has planned. Since January the company refocused its business to concentrate on OEM

parts — announcing a complete line of available parts from Ariel Corporation.

“We’ve turned our company from being an aftermarket supplier to an OEM supplier,” said Darryl Myers, President & CEO of M&J Valve.

“If you look at the market today, more and more customers are using OEM parts. We have customers in Gillette, Wyoming, that are 100% OEM.

Our facility in Farmington, New Mexico, is seeing more and more customers switch to OEM parts. This is where the market is heading.”

The partnership with Ariel Corporation is no insignificant feat. Ariel, based out of Mount Vernon, Ohio, was founded in 1966. The company quickly built a reputation for building the most powerful, reliable compressors on the market, a status that continues today.

Maintaining a manufacturing arm while adding a complete OEM division required a new internal way of thinking. “This decision certainly changed the complexity of the company,” added Chester Gordon, vice president of operations at M&J Valve. “We are one of the larger repair service companies in the marketplace today. Nothing has changed with the service and repair aspect of the company. We are still doing all of the repairs on the service end – piston rods, valves, packing, anything that comes through our shop.”

M&J Valve’s Lafayette headquarters serves as the distribution hub to its service centers throughout the U.S. Lafayette maintains a 60-day supply of parts, while each satellite facility maintains a 30-day supply. The Lafayette facility replenishes satellite locations as needed, creating one of the nation’s most responsive, continuous OEM parts supply-chain networks.

Building a national supply chain network was integral to Myers’ decision to move into OEM fulfillment. “When we made the decision to become an OEM provider, we knew we needed to be a stocking distributor to make this work,” said Myers. “Most OEM distributors are packagers. They stock the parts they need to package the units. They really don’t stock spare parts. They tend to get those directly from Ariel, for example.”

M&J Valve’s success relies on rapid responsiveness, something the group perfected with their manufacturing division. “The way we will be successful is to be able to tell the customer that we have their parts on our shelf ready to ship,” said Myers. “We want to limit downtime. That’s the way we structured our service and repair side, that’s the way we structured our manufacturing side. Our attention to fast turnaround will be even more critical in delivering OEM products. We stock parts for immediate delivery.”

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